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Division of Nephrology, Department of Internal Medicine
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 Undergraduate Medical Education

 The kidneys, as is evident from the Japanese expression vital point (literally liver-kidney point), are important and complex organs, which are involved in the purification of body fluids and control of blood pressure. In our division, the goal is to learn the non-surgical medical skills for renal diseases and hypertension and become familiar with the following items required of clinicians.

Learning goals
(1)Interpretation of urinalysis findings and understanding of renal function tests
(2)Understanding of body fluid management (osmotic pressure and pH) and electrolytes
(3)Interpretation of glomerulonephritis and pathophysiology and treatment of the nephrotic syndrome
(4)Pathophysiology and treatment of renal failure
(5)Practical dialysis treatment
(6)Differential diagnosis and treatment of essential hypertension and secondary hypertension

Clinical learning
 In bedside learning (BSL) that begins from the latter half of the fourth year, students become members of bedside learning groups and discuss patients symptoms, diagnosis and treatment policies directly with their instructor physicians. Consideration is given to deepening the verification and understanding of basic items related to renal diseases and hypertension by means of small group learning (clinical clerkships).
Department of Nephrology(Graduate School of Medicine) | Japanese |  Index
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