Philosophy and Basic Approach

The Philosophy of Juntendo Hospital

Juntendo's spirit of "following the path of heaven and obeying the providence of nature" to respect the lives of people and protect the dignity and rights of people. Furthermore, we aim to develop medical practitioners and provide the best medical care by proceeding with creative reforms.
(Source: "Book of Changes")

Basic Approach

  1. We will provide high-quality and advanced medical care that is safe and well-grounded.
  2. We will provide service that satisfies the families of patients.
  3. We will provide an environment enabling patients to recuperate with peace of mind in comfort.
  4. We will provide excellent medical technology by developing and implementing advanced medicine.
  5. We will play our role in emergency medical services and home medical care. Furthermore, we will contribute to regional medical services as a hub hospital in the event of a disaster.
  6. We will strive to environmental conservation activities by promoting energy saving and ecological measures.

All medical personnel will endeavor to achieve these goals.

Patients' Rights

Medicine is made possible by an adequate relationship of mutual trust between patients and medical institutions. At Juntendo Hospital, we provide medical services taking into consideration the fact that patients have the following rights.

  1. The right to equally receive high-quality and safe medical service
  2. The right to receive medical care that respects the personalities and values of each individual
  3. The right to make requests and state opinions, and the right to refuse unwanted medical services
  4. The right to receive adequate explanations and information in wording and a method that is easy to understand until satisfied
  5. The right to independently choose the method of treatment after receiving adequate explanations and information
  6. The right to protection of personal information collected in the process of medical care
  7. The right to ask for the opinion of a doctor other than one's primary doctor (family doctor) by obtaining a second opinion to be able to receive satisfactory treatment when selecting treatment methods recommended by one's primary doctor

Requests to Patients

Juntendo Hospital provides a variety of medical services and asks that patients fully understand the following points and cooperate with the provision of appropriate medical care.

  1. Please provide information on your health as accurately as possible to enable the provision of high-quality medical care.
  2. If you do not adequately understand an explanation on medical care, please confirm the details until you are satisfied.
  3. We check the names (full names) and dates of birth of patients to prevent misidentification.
  4. Please follow the rules necessary for medical treatment. Also, please let us know if you feel anxious about any aspect of the treatment.
  5. We strive to ensure all patients receive appropriate medical care. Please cooperate to avoid inconveniencing other patients.
  6. Doctors or nurses will provide individual explanations and obtain your consent for surgery, procedures and transfusions, etc. requiring patient consent.

Role as a Research and Education Institution

Juntendo Hospital is a medical institution that is part of the Juntendo University School of Medicine, and in addition to treating patients, serves a role as a medical research and education institution.

As a research institution the hospital plays the role and is characterized by conducting research to contribute to the advancement of medicine using conditions and test data, etc. on a variety of illnesses obtained in the treatment of patients. Departments other than the attending department are sometimes asked to perform examinations depending on the condition of the patient. Furthermore, announcements are also made at academic conferences, etc. when information is deemed to be beneficial or important for treatment outside the hospital. The greatest attention is given to patients' privacy when making public announcements at academic conferences, etc., such as anonymizing data to prevent the identification of individuals.

As an educational institution, the hospital plays the role and is characterized by providing medical care to give residents clinical experience as doctors and enable them to hone their skills after obtaining medical licenses. Furthermore, students also observe treatment as practical training for working in medicine as doctors and nurses, etc. in the future. Practical training provides and extremely important opportunity for experiencing clinical treatment and gaining deeper medical knowledge. When students participate in treatment, doctors (guidance doctors) and nurses (guidance nurses) that meet certain requirements observe to provide necessary and adequate guidance and supervision.

For this reason, we ask for your understanding and cooperation concerning the fact that the hospital not only provides medical care as a medical institution, but is also a research and education institution.

The Juntendo Hospital Code of Professional Ethics

I exist as you exist, with a heart that considers and cherishes others -- the spirit of "Jin." We will provide medical care to the ill based on the spirit of "Jin" which is the underlying theme of the university's philosophy.

  1. In addition to being aware of the respect and responsibilities our profession entails, we will strive to learn medical knowledge and skills, and be committed to their advancement and development.
  2. Everyone here at Juntendo will continue to do our best to provide the latest and best medical care by placing the highest priority on medical service achieved through medical safety and caring attention to the needs of everyone receiving medical care.
  3. We will respect privacy and keep our obligation of confidentiality.
  4. We will respect each other and endeavor to provide medical care as a team based on healthy cooperation.

Ethical Guidelines in Clinical Practice of Juntendo Hospital

The staff members of Juntendo Hospital will provide high-quality medical care with respect for the dignity and human rights of people receiving medical care.

  1. Treatment will be conducted in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines.
    1. (1)We will observe guidelines related to infant diagnosis, auxiliary reproductive medicine (artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, microinsemination, freezing and thawing of embryos, etc.)
    2. (2)We will observe the Maternal Protection Act.
    3. (3)We will observe laws related to organ transplantation.
  2. The Medical Department Ethics Committee reviews medical care in relation to the rights and dignity of people receiving medical care, and determine the treatment policy.
    1. (1)Policy related to the dignity of life, such as euthanasia, dignified death and life-prolonging treatment
    2. (2)Policy related to the faith and beliefs of people receiving medical care
  3. The Medical Department Ethics Committee, the Hospital Ethics Committee and the Treatment Review Committee comprehensively review and examine the proactive observance and implementation of clinical research for the advancement of medical care.