Public Transportation

JR From Ochanomizu Station (Ochanomizubashi exit) 5 minutes
on foot
Subway From Ochanomizu Station on the Marunouchi Line 5 minutes
on foot
From Ochanomizu Station on the Chiyoda Line 7 minutes
on foot
Bus Route: Higashi 43
(Kohoku Station / Arakawa Dote Soshajo-mae - Tokyo Station Marunouchi Kitaguchi)
Jet off at the Juntendo Hospital stop.
Route: Cha 51
(Komagome Station Minamiguchi - Akihabara Station)


Parking location Parking Area (Building No. 1)
* There is no parking area in Building B
Operating hours 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
(on both business days and holidays)
Number of spaces

174 (96 open spaces and 78 multi-level spaces)

[Restrictions on vehicle height and width]
Multi-level: 1550mm height, 2050mm width
Open: 2300mm height


200 yen/ 20 minutes

[Discount system]
1. A 50% discount is provided to holders of the Handbook for the Physically Disabled, Handbook for the Mentally Disabled (Ai-no Techo), or Health and Welfare Handbook for the Mentally Disabled
2. A 20-minute discount is provided when using the multi-level parking.

Additional information on use of the parking area

  • * Some changes have been made to the entrance and exit for vehicles within the roundabout at Building 1, and the lanes within the roundabout due to the construction of a new building in commemoration of Juntendo's 175th anniversary. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • * Due to the limited parking space, priority is given to patients who have difficulty walking. Please use public transportation whenever possible when coming to the hospital, as this will also help to protect the environment.