Environment and Humans

In the midst of the ever-changing external environment we need to provide the human resources to deal with problems of how we can preserve the internal environment of the body, discover how its breakdown occurs, and provide preventative care from a wide range of social, mental, and physical points of view.

1.Microorganisms and humans

There are countless microorganisms in the human environment and quite a number of them are harmful to the body. We can study the interactions among microorganisms and humans, as well as the body's defense mechanisms.

2.Maintaining the internal environment of the body

We can study how the body maintains its internal environment in the midst of an ever-changing external environment by investigating the body's internal workings and defense mechanisms from the molecular level to the individual level.

3.Breakdown of the internal environment of living bodies

At times the mechanism that maintains the constancy of the body's internal environment undergoes changes that can cause self-induced diseases. We can study the causes of such self-induced breakdown, its mechanisms, and the methods of treatment.

4.Humans and the social environment

We can study the interrelationships between the social environment and the body, as well as their connection to medical treatment, from the wide viewpoints of space, time, and human resources.

5.Environment and the maintenance of health

There are many diseases that are affected by social factors in the environment. We can understand these factors and support the maintenance of health and the treatment of illness by objective and scientific research on preventive exercise, sports, and the effect of nutrition on the body.

6.Education and behavior

Changes in the external and internal environments exert a strong influence on humans' minds and behaviors, however, we can study humans' responses to the environment and the negative and beneficial effects of the environment on the human mind.


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