Juntendo University, Tokyo, established in 1838.

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Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

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 The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Juntendo University was inaugurated in 1968, and general thoracic disease was mainly dealt with at that time.Since Professor Hosoda took office in 1984, cardiovascular surgery has started in its full scale. Especially, our unit has been a pioneer of coronary artery surgery.
In July of 2002, our department was divided into two sections, the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and the Department of General Thoracic Surgery, when Dr. Amano came into office as the first professor of the former. Since then, the case volume kept increasing year by year, and it almost reached 600 cases in 2007. Now our department is one of the largest units of cardiocvascular surgery in Japan.
We address off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (OPCAB) and mitral valve plasty with excellent results. In recent years, aortic surgery has also become our forte. In congenital cardiac surgery, we approach correction of complex cardiac anomaly. On the other hand, highly specialized staff with such abundant clinical experience conduct research in the field of cardiovascular surgery.

Current state and policy

 Our research laboratory has 9 students of the Graduate School of Medicine under the supervision by professor, associate professors, and lecturers. Students are highly recommended to contact with researchers not only of our unit but also of other departments. One of our research policies is that hot topics should be taken in aggressively from abroad. International exchange and collaboration are advisable to get novel technology and information from oversea institutions, which serves to higher quality of our research performance. In 2006 and 2007, 2 oversea students came to our unit for research activities. During the research period, students are clinically duty-free, and they can address their own research topics at other laboratories.
We are looking for eager and voracious students.
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