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Institute for Environmental and Gender-Specific Medicine

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Mitsuaki Yanagida PhD.

Associate Professor, Institute for Environmental and Gender-Specific Medicine, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine

Research Speciality:

We apply proteomic strategies to investigate various biological phenomena and pathology of diseases affected by environmental factors and gender disparity.


Chihiro Kobayashi, M.S. Research Assistant

Research Description:

Proteomics is a powerful tool to explore and understand the molecular mechanisms of biological pathways and pathogenesis of diseases. We use this technology to elucidate various phenomena described below.

(1) Elucidation of pathogenesis of the diseases by proteomic analysis of clinical samples.
One of the research interests that we focus on is collagen diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which show higher prevalence in women. The causes of collagen diseases are complex and affected by various host and environmental factors. For exploring the disease-related factors and understanding the mechanisms of pathogenesis of these multifactorial diseases, large scale analyses such as proteomic approaches are of high relevance. We analyze plasma/serum proteome changes in RA patients undergoing biological drug treatment and identify factors related to the pathology of RA in order to develop novel therapeutic strategies.

(2) Peptidomic analysis of clinical samples.
There are various kinds of native peptides in the human biofluids and the patterns of them reflect the state of the body. We focus on the native peptides in the serum of patients with hypertensive disorder of pregnancy (HDP) and examine the relationship between the profiles of these peptides and pathology of HDP.

(3) Functional proteomics by use of protein-protein interaction analysis.
Protein-protein interaction analysis is generally applied to clarify the function of targeted proteins. We explore the cellular roles of many proteins with unknown functions by identifying the protein components of the protein complexes copurified with the targeted proteins. Collaborations are in progress with internal and external research groups of our institute.

Publications (2006-2017)

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