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Department of Medicine for Motor Organ
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 Orthopedics is a section of clinical medicine dealing with diseases and injuries of the motor organ. Treatments in orthopaedics have greatly advanced in these 40years. They are artificial joints for the knee or hip joint, rigid internal fixation devices for various fractures or techniques of lengthening long bones using external fixation devices etc.
 There remains, however, still many issues to be solved in this field. They are appropriate treatment method for delaying and even stopping progression of three common rheumatic pathologies; rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and spinal disk disease. Methods for repair of osseous, cartilage or ligamentous defects with tissue-engineered materials is also needed to be hastily developed. For these purposes, new knowledge and discovery in physiology, biology, biomechanics or genetics of the musculoskeletal system is required to be intensely addressed.
 At present, we are engaged in several projects in research of basic science of bone and joint.
  1. Molecular biology of growth and development of bone and cartilage tissues.
  2. Genetic factors in onset of osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.
  3. Development of new artificial bone and ligament using tissue engineering techniques.
  4. Molecular mechanism of disuse atrophy and recovery of the muscle.
Type I collagen formed around PLLA ligament.
 The above research projects are in progress in cooperation with the departments of basic medicine of our School, or other Universities like the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University or other research institutes.
 Any foreign graduates are welcomed to apply to our Graduate School in order to join our research programs. The only prerequisite condition for that is the ability to speak Japanese or English where one can communicate with others in daily living level.
 We are looking forward seeing you at any time. Please contact Ikyokucho (General Secretary of the Department).

Telephone:03-3813-3111 extension 3345
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