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Department of Neurology
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Nobutaka HATTORI
Professor&Chairman : Nobutaka HATTORI
Associate Professor : Takao Urabe, Hideki Mochizuki, Eri Hirasawa
Associate Professor : Motoyuki Hirasawa, Yumiko Motoi, Shin-ichiro Kubo,
Yasushi Shimo, Masashi Takanashi

Welcome to the Juntendo University School of Medicine Department of Neurology.

We have been interested in the molecular mechanisms of neuronal death in various neurological disorders of unknown etiology or pathogenesis such as neurodegenerative diseases (particularly Parkinson's disease), cerebrovascular disorders, neuromuscular diseases, and demyelinating disorders.

We have contributed a lot to the understanding of molecular mechanism of nigral neuronal death in familial forms of Parkinsonfs disease. Our group identified one of the causative genes for familial Parkinsonfs disease, i.e., parkin that is the causative gene for an autosomal recessive form of young onset familial Parkinsonfs disease. A lot of interesting researches are going on familial as well as sporadic Parkinsonfs disease including future gene therapy.

In the stroke area, we are studying pathophysiology of ischemic neuronal damage and its prevention using cellular and animal models. Our research includes apoptosis, regeneration, migration of neurons, and angiogenesis in stroke.

We also have a group working on neuromuscular disorders. We are particularly interested in the role of extracellular matrix such as laminin and perlecan of basement membrane in muscle disorders. We also use a transgenic model mouse aiming for creating a new therapy.

Our department covers most of the exciting areas in neurology and neuroscience and worldwide collaborative projects are going on.

We believe that you will get a wonderful opportunity for studying cutting-edges of neurosciences in our laboratory. Should you have any query, please, feel free to make a contact with us.

On going researches are as follows :
  1. Parkinson's disease (familial and sporadic, genetics, pathogenesis, & treatment)
  2. Clinical Neuropathology
  3. Cerebrovascular disorders (pathophysiology and treatment)
  4. Neuromuscular disorders
  5. Immunological disorders in nervous system
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