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Department of Human pathology

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Professor & Chairman : Takashi Yao, M.D., PhD.
Professor (Nerima Hosp.) : Toshiharu Matsumoto, M.D., PhD
Professor (Shizuoka Hosp.) : Ryo Wada, M.D., PhD.
Associate Professor (Juntendo Tokyo Koto Geriatric Medical Center) : Shu Hirai, M.D., PhD.
Assistant Professor : Toshio Kumasaka, M.D., PhD.
Assistant Professor : Bunsei Nobukawa, M.D., PhD.
Assistant Professor : Masaru Takase, M.D., PhD.
Assistant Professor : Atsushi Arakawa, M.D., PhD.
Assistant Professor : Hiroshi Izumi, M.D., PhD.
Assistant Professor : Yuki Fukumura, M.D., PhD.


We investigate human diseases based on anatomical and surgical pathology. We always overview the various roles of pathogenesis in the affected organs associated with the surrounding organs or tissues. Our goal is to afford insights into pathophysiology for mechanism of the diseases through practice for diagnostic pathology. The Department offers full diagnostic service in all areas of pathology. Our educational and training programs include the Pathology Training Program, the Ph.D. Program in the Human Pathology, and the teaching of medical students, postdoctoral fellows and clinical fellows. We are studying and working at Juntendo University School of Medicine, Juntendo University Hospital, Juntendo Urayasu Hospital, Juntendo Shizuoka Hospital, Juntendo Tokyo Koto Geriatric Medical Center, and Juntendo Nerima Hospital.

We offer graduate students a flexible learning experience in all areas of anatomic and clinical pathology and our program offers exceptional opportunities for research training in disease pathogenesis and translational research applied to clinical practice.

Now, we are focusing on the themes as follows:

  1. Carcinogenesis and progression of pancreas and biliary tract carcinomas
  2. Pathogenesis of inflammatory and ischemic lesions of pancreas
  3. Morphological study of inflammatory biliary tract diseases and developmental anomaly
  4. Pathology of collagen-vascular disease
  5. Carcinogenesis and progression of gastrointestinal tract carcinomas
  6. Pathogenesis of pulmonary fibrosis
  7. Pathophysiology of angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis on lymphangioleiomyomatosis and angiomyolipoma
  8. Carcinogenesis and progression of lung carcinoma and thymic tumor
  9. Pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease
  10. Carcinogenesis and progression of gynecological carcinoma

We hope this information is helpful in deciding to apply to our program.

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