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Department of Biochemistry
Department of Biochemistry(Graduate School of Medicine) | Japanese |  Index
Professor & Chair: Takehiko YOKOMIZO
Associate Professor: Toshiaki OKUNO
Assistant Professor: Tomoaki KOGA, Min LIU
Secretary: Mitsue EZAKI
 Medical School Education
Our department is comprised of Professor Yokomizo and 4 faculty members. Biochemistry is the field of science concerned with chemical substances and processes in living organisms. It is basic to our understanding of metabolic syndrome, obesity, hereditary disease, and gene therapy, etc. The knowledge of biochemistry is indispensable to follow up the advances of medical science. Undergraduate education in biochemistry is provided in collaboration with Departments of Biochemistry (I) and (II)
 Lecture in Biochemistry
Second year student (M2):
-From the second year, Juntendo Univ. School of Medicine provides an original curriculum (zone system) in line with organ classification. Our department offers lectures related to biochemistry. -
 Zone A
Nucleus and chromosomeTakehiko Yokomizo
Structure and function of biomembraneTakehiko Yokomizo
CytoskeletonToshiaki Okuno
Cell motilityToshiaki Okuno
 Zone B
Principle of metabolismTakehiko Yokomizo
Glucose metabolism-1, 2, 3Takehiko Yokomizo
Lipid metabolism-1, 2Takehiko Yokomizo
Biological oxidation-1, 2Toshiaki Okuno
Amino acid metabolism-1, 2Toshiaki Okuno
 Zone C
Carbohydrate, lipid, and amino acid metabolisms in skeletal musclesTakehiko Yokomizo
Metabolic basis for hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis Takehiko Yokomizo
 Zone D
Metabolic abnormalities in Obesity and LeannessTakehiko Yokomizo
 Zone E
Liver: Function of liver, Bilirubin metabolism, JaundiceTakehiko Yokomizo
AmmoniaEamino acid metabolism and hepatic encephalopathyTakehiko Yokomizo
Third year student (M3):
 Zone H
Disorders of amino acid metabolismTakehiko Yokomizo
Disorders of carbohydrate and lipid metabolismTakehiko Yokomizo
 Practice in Biochemistry (M2)
Basic Laboratory ExperimentsToshiaki Okuno
Biomolecular Chemistry ExperimentsToshiaki Okuno
Enzymology ExperimentsTomoaki Koga
Molecular Biology ExperimentsMin Liu
Department of Biochemistry(Graduate School of Medicine) | Japanese |  Index
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