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Department of Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Scinence(Graduate School of Medicine) | Japanese |  Index
How do sick people live their lives to the fullest? This is a question that concerns all people and all disciplines of medicine. Particularly in todayfs advanced and complicated society, this type of question must be addressed, and thus the importance of psychiatry will continue to increase.
 Program characteristics
The core of the program is the Department of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Consistent graduate and postgraduate psychiatry education is provided at seven affiliated hospitals.
 Program contents
Lectures are roughly divided into systematic lectures for fourth-year medical students and small BSL (Bed Side Learning) group lectures for fifth-year students.
Systematic lectures deal with general and specific topics. General topics include the basic theories of psychiatry and the types and understanding of psychiatric disorders; specific topics thoroughly discuss disease epidemiology, diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis.
In small-group lectures, emergency medicine, drug therapy, psychiatric therapy, test result interpretation and forensic psychiatry are covered in a clinically relevant fashion.
 Clinical training
BSL lasts two weeks. In the mental health clinics of four affiliated hospitals, one-on-one training is provided by instructors, with an emphasis on each hospitalfs specialty: medical psychiatry and consultation-liaison psychiatry at the Juntendo Hospital; general psychiatry and community psychiatry at Koshigaya Hospital; consultation-liaison psychiatry at Urayasu Hospital; and geriatric psychiatry at the Juntendo Tokyo Koto Geriatric Medical Center (Fig. 1).
By reflecting today's society, psychiatry tackles various psychiatric and psychological issues. We have performed various types of research rooted in clinical practice by incorporating psychosocial and molecular biological techniques. In the future, we plan to focus more on a eteam medicinef approach towards our research, and students from various fields, not only medicine, are invited to participate. Therefore, if you are at all interested, please feel free to contact us.

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Scinence(Graduate School of Medicine) | Japanese |  Index
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