General Information

  • Applicants should be aware that the scholarship system in Japan may be different than their country.
  • Most Japanese scholarships are based off of the Japanese academic calendar that starts on April 1 and ends the following year on March 31.
  • There are a limited number of scholarships for students to apply to prior to arriving in Japan.
  • Applicants applying to Juntendo University should be aware that many scholarships require international students to have the following prior to applying:
    • "College Student" residence status
    • Japanese language ability
    • Japanese residence
    • University enrollment
  • Scholarships are generally submitted one of two ways:
    1. Direct Application:
      • Applicants may submit applications directly to the organization in charge of the scholarship.
      • Juntendo University International Center (JUIC) will send scholarship announcement emails to eligible Juntendo University international students.
    2. Recommendation:
      • Recommendation scholarships require the applicants to be recommended by Juntendo University or a Japanese Embassy or Consulate.
      • Juntendo University International Center (JUIC) conducts a screening process to nominate students enrolled in Juntendo University for university recommended scholarships every fall and spring. Eligible students will receive an email notifying them of the application period.
      • Juntendo University accepts Japanese government scholarship applications every August from Japanese Embassies and every January from partner institutions.
  • For more information about individual scholarships please visit the following sites: