Juntendo University Hospital Dress Code

General Information

  • The following dress code applies to clinical elective participants, residents, students, researchers, staff, doctors, and anyone else associated with Juntendo University who will come in contact with patients at Juntendo University Hospital.
  • Dress should:
    ─ never put a patient at risk,
    ─ be professional,
    ─ be clean,
    ─ allow for completion of all duties, and
    ─ allow for a response in the case of an emergency.
  • The dress code provides a set of requirements, however further dress code stipulations may be imposed.


  • Name Badges:
    ─ Name badges should be worn in plain view.
  • White medical coats:
    ─ Faint colors should be worn underneath a medical coat.
    ─ Multiple medical coats may not be worn.
    ─ Medical coats may not be worn over uniforms, except when called to attend night duty.
  • Clothing:
    ─ Tops or blouses that are professional.
    ─ Long or short sleeve collard button up dress shirts may be worn with a tie.
    ─ Slacks should be professional.
    ─ Skirts should be professional.
    ─ Stockings should be neutral colors.
    ─ Jeans, sweatpants, and shorts are prohibited.
  • Shoes:
    ─ Black or brown leather dress shoes or white sneakers.
    ─ Boots, sandals, and open toe footwear are prohibited.
    ─ Footwear that may cause loud sounds when walking should be avoided.
  • Hair:
    ─ Long hair should be tied back.
    ─ Mohawks are prohibited.
    ─ Styling sprays with a strong odors should be avoided.
  • Accessories:
    ─ Accessories should not be worn in plain view.
    ─ Piercings, earrings, and rings, except for marriage rings should be avoided.
  • Makeup:
    ─ Makeup should be professional.
  • Fragrances
    ─ Perfumes and colognes with strong odors should be avoided.
    ─Tobacco odor is prohibited.
  • Auscultator:
    ─ Auscultators should not be placed around the neck when walking.