Juntendo University, Tokyo, established in 1838.

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TOPICS -THE JAPAN TIMES (Sat,Dec 25,2004) -

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Juntendo one of Japan's busiest hospitals

  The Juntendo Medical Institution is composed of four medical hospitals.
  The predecessor of the Juntendo Medical Center(Juntendo Iin)in Tokyo,now the largest of the four ,was founded 160 years ago during the Edo Period to provide medical and surgical treatment for the sick and injured through the introduction of what then was modern Dutch medicine.
  The other three medical centers,which were established after World Wer II,are Juntendo Izu Nagaoka Hospital in Shizuoka Prefecture,Juntendo Urayasu Hospital in Chiba Prefecture,and Juntendo Koshigaya Hospital in Saitama Prefecture.
  Juntendo Medical Center,which consists of three main buildings connected by waklways,is located in Bunkyo Ward,Tokyo,close to JR Ochanomizu Station and about 1km north of the Imperial Palace.
  The functional structure of Juntendo Medical Center is roughly divided into out-patients,accidents and emergencies,and in-patient departments. On an average day,more than 3,400 patients are seen as out-patients;ambulances bring in 15 to 20 emergency patients;and somewhere from 14 to 20 emergency patients arrive by other means for emergency medical or surgical treatment. The total number of inpatient beds is 1,020. Annually, there are approximately 940,000 out-patients, 8,000 emergency patients and 350,000 hospitalizations,marking Juntendo Medical Center one of the busiest hospitals in Japan.
  The current medical staff is composed of 336 physicians and surgeons and 11 dentists.The total number of personnel directly involved in medical care,including nurses,technicians,doctors and dentists,exceeded 1,900 in 1997.
  Among the highly qualified staff members are 230 resident doctors(a three-year training period for internal medicine and two years for other fields),including few foreign medical school graduates.In addition,180 medical students in the fifth and sixth years of their teaching curriculum receive their clinical training at this main hospital.
  Since its establishment,photoJuntendo Medical Center has always emphasized patientoriented medical treatment and care through the close collaboration of its talented and dedicated clinicians with the research scientists of the School of Medicine to discover new strategies and treatment protocols for various difficult-to-treat diseases.Juntendo Medical Center is a leading medical institution in Japan offering outstanding patient care and excellent educational programs for both medical students and residents.
  The institution welcomes highly motivated doctors and research scientists,both at home and abroad,who seek to answer problems,who desire to advance medicine,who understand the feelings of the infirm,who are brave enough to speak out for what is right,and who find stimulus in discovering something more than a high academic qualification.
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