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白山 芳久(シラヤマ ヨシヒサ)

研究テーマ 社会医学、グローバル社会・グローバルヘルスサービス領域   国際保健学、公衆衛生学、疫学・統計

Acculturation and Its Effects on Health Risk Behaviors among Myanmar Migrant Workers: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
Aung T, Shirayama Y, Moolphate S, Lorga T, Yuasa M, Aung M
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(14) 5108 – 5108, July 2020 査読あり

Demand for family planning satisfied with modern methods and its associated factors among married women of reproductive age in rural Jordan: A cross-sectional study
Komasawa M, Yuasa M, Shirayama Y, Sato, M, Komasawa Y, AlOuri M
PLOS ONE 15(3) , March 2020 査読あり

Impact of the village health center project on contraceptive behaviors in rural Jordan: a quasi-experimental difference-in-differences analysis
Komasawa M, Yuasa M, Shirayama Y, Sato M, Komasawa Y, Alouni M
BMC Public Health, 2019; 19: 1415. 19(1) 1415 – 1415, October 2019  査読あり

Overall structure and functions of the Syrian health system prior to the Syrian conflict
Yuasa M, Shirayama Y, Komazawa M, Wadah Hussein W
Juntendo Journal of Global Studies, March 2019 査読あり

Health risk behaviors, musculoskeletal disorders and associated cultural adaptation, depression: A survey among Myanmar migrant workers in Chiangmai, Northern Thailand
Aung T, Shirayama Y, Moolphate S, Aung M, Lorga T, Yuasa M
International Journal of General Medicine 12 283 – 292, 2019  査読あり

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