About the graduate school

Doctoral Program

Fundamental thinking in each course of the Doctoral program

General Subjects

We aim to tie together high–level research results based on the ability to investigate the essence of nursing. In order to take a fresh view of the area of nursing, students will devise a research plan for the doctoral thesis and cultivate excellent ability and academic knowledge through guidance and education that addresses the various issues in the research carried out. In order to achieve that by way of the thesis, the mandatory course ‘Nursing Research Theory' has been launched.
We aim to further research skills gained from a master's program, and to examine research methods in nursing by scrutinizing Japanese and foreign research articles and finding essential topics on, for example, developments in research methods which could clarify nursing phenomena.
Furthermore, we have also introduced 'zInternational Communication' and ‘Sports Medicine and Health Science and Nursing' as selective courses so students can gain a broader view and learn research methods in fields outside nursing, cultivate general judgemental skills and deepen their foundations of nursing to build a body of knowledge and develop new concepts, and pursue more advanced research methods.

Specialized Subjects

Specialist courses aim to enable nursing practice research on a wide range of health issues and nursing topics, and review nursing knowledge and techniques, establish new concepts and methodologies, acquire better research skills and plan the search of solution methods that capture the whole picture and the nature of the problem.
In addition to the main course comprising specialist courses addressing research topics, 1 or more subjects from the specialist courses will be taken, and individual functions and academic evaluations, structure and concepts necessary to train nursing practice skills which nurses should possess, as seen from multiple nurses' points of view, will be investigated. The aim will be to nurture academic ability and research that develops nursing practice necessary for advanced specialists with academic ability and research skills to develop nursing.

Seminars and Special Research

Seminars in Nursing

For each major field, case studies and pioneering research will be analysed and current problems will be grasped, and solution methods examined and discussed. On that basis, we aim to explore the approach to empirical research on techniques, theory and methodology of problem solving.

Special Research in Nursing

In the first year, based on investigating research articles and the literature, and application of knowledge through lectures and seminars taken in parallel, a selection of analytical and research methods will be made according to each research topic, application to research considered, and each research topic will be scientifically scrutinized. Through such a process, the thesis will be produced.

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Degree and Requirements for Course Completion


Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing)

Requirements for Course Completion

Students must attend our Graduate School for three or more years, obtain a total of 18 or more credits: 2 or more credits in electives within the General Course, 4 or more credits in the Specialized Courses, 2 credits in nursing seminars essential for seminar and research guidance, and 10 credits in Special Research in nursing. Additionally, under supervision, students must write a thesis and pass the final examination.