About the graduate school

Master's Program

General Courses and Specialist Courses: Features

General Subjects

Regarding specialist nursing, in order to foster broad-minded nurses capable of being active in various fields, we have launched a wide range of electives including foundation courses for specialized subjects, a course on medicine and medical technology closely connected to nursing, a course concerning coordination between medical settings and health & welfare and a course concerning international nursing. Moreover, we have courses held in coordination with our Graduate School of Medicine and Graduate School of Health and Sports Science, and students can also freely attend lectures at these schools.

Specialized Subjects

The specialist courses comprise either research that brings to the fore the specialization in each specialized major or lessons that can be selected and are about subjects necessary for advanced competent nursing.
For students electing Special Research, we are preparing courses for them to learn how to investigate, scientifically, various levels of mind & body health support. We aim to foster nursing practice leaders, researchers and educators who hold broad views underpinned by high-level scientific and logical thinking. We also aim to advance research in order to build theoretical foundations necessary for supporting peoples' health and well-being. For consistency, regarding nurses with certain office experience, we have launched a course to obtain certified nursing administration qualification after completion of the Master's degree.
For students selecting Certified Nurse Specialist course, we have prepared a course whose educational contents will foster advanced nursing practice skills required by nurses whose central role involves supporting people who live in hospitals or the local community. Currently, our courses in the specialist areas of Cancer Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Child Health Nursing, Chronic Care Nursing and Infection Control Nursing have been approved by the Japan Association of Nursing Programs in Universities.

Seminars and Special Research


There are seminars to supplement lessons in each specialty. Research topics, research methods and contents etc. will be analysed and discussed, using literature from inside and outside Japan. We will grasp research questions of case studies and research articles, and examine solution methods. We will settle on research and analytical methods of each research topic, and investigate applications to nursing practice.
As for seminars necessary for Certified Nurse Specialist, in addition to those having the above content, some are designed to promote essential nursing practice competence at a high level.

Special Research

Using their knowledge from lectures, seminars, and by examining nursing/medical literature etc., students will choose a research topic under the guidance of their supervisor in that field. Students will carry out scientific research and write a master's dissertation. The dissertation will be submitted to a Research Committee to be assessed, and it is necessary to pass the assessment and a final examination.

Assigned Research

Students intending to become Certified Nurse Specialist will register for this course. Using their knowledge from lectures and seminars and by examining nursing/medical literature etc. in specialized areas, students will choose a research topic under the guidance of their supervisor in that field. Students will carry out investigations through nursing practice and then write a dissertation. The research dissertation will be assessed as above.

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Certified Nurse Specialist Training Course

Our Graduate School, in cooperation with other medical facilities centered in 6 affiliated hospitals, aims to foster nurses who can demonstrate advanced nursing practice competence and be capable of applying research skills and academic knowledge not only flexibly but also innovatively and imaginatively in the fields of medical treatment, health and welfare which are undergoing transformations every day.
As part of that aim, our following specialized courses have been approved for becoming a Certified Nurse Specialist: Cancer Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Child Health Nursing, Chronic Care Nursing, Infection Control Nursing. Women's Health Nursing and Home Care Nursing

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Degree and Requirements for Course Completion


Master of Science (Nursing)

Requirements for Course Completion

A student must attend our Graduate School for two or more years, satisfy the following four requirements, write a master's dissertation or perform assigned research, and pass the final examination.

  • Must obtain 2 credits in advanced medical nursing and 2 credits in nursing research methodology in the General Course,
  • Must obtain 10 credits in specialized subjects central to their major field. Also, in the major field, must obtain 4 seminar credits and 6 special research credits or4 assigned research credits.
  • Must obtain 6 credits in the General Courses and other fields in specialized courses.
  • Students who select Special Research must obtain 30 credits and students who select Assigned Research must obtain 32 credits.