Message from the Dean

Educational Philosophy

Jun Ueki, DeanNurses respect the meaning of life of human beings and need to continue learning various theories in order to nurse sick people and provide educational support to those with health problems. Furthermore, they are required to contribute to people's health by developing the ability to apply, innovatively and imaginatively, research-based changes in health, medical treatment, and welfare.

The master's degree course at the Graduate School of Health Care and Nursing is based on the spirit of benevolence and compassion, and aims to foster specialist nurses with advanced nursing practice competence and researchers and educators exploring the ways of medical nursing.

The requirement to demonstrate high-level nursing practice competence based on scientific evidence is forever increasing with the daily transformation in the fields of health, medical treatment and welfare. Nursing encompasses natural science combined with human science and social science. Therefore, new methodologies may be developed and deployed in the field of nursing.

Furthermore, nursing is a profession that involves building interpersonal relationships, and I think that nurses and those they nurse can learn together and develop mutually. By accumulating such experience, it is possible to cultivate an abundance of humanity over a lifetime. In addition, there is a demand for present-day nurses to be active in a variety of places, both inside and outside Japan.

Our Graduate School of Health Care and Nursing cooperates closely with our Graduate School of Medicine and Graduate School of Health and Sports Science and can provide support so that our nurses can continuously progress in their career. We have launched lunch-time and evening courses for students who have jobs and we accept applications from people without a graduate degree.
In order to meet the learning needs of diversified nurses, in our department non-degree students can elect to study certain newly launched courses.

In our department, while aiming to develop the ability as instructors to support student education, a teaching assistant (TA) system is in place so we can provide allowances to contribute to scholarships.

I welcome students who yearn to contribute to society through self-development and advanced nursing practice.

Jun Ueki
Dean, Juntendo University Graduate School of Health Care and Nursing