Mission Statement Regarding Student Applicants

  1. The leading research staff in our Graduate School of Health Care and Nursing are not only researchers of nursing but also of basic and clinical medicine and, as there is the support from the Graduate School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Health and Sports Science, it is possible to conduct broad research in health care, medical treatment and welfare.
  2. We seek to foster nurses who under the daily transformations in health preservation, medical treatment and welfare can apply imaginatively changes to situations and aim to demonstrate advanced nursing practice competence based on scientific evidence. We also aim to develop researchers and educators who can develop and deploy new nursing methodologies based on the established foundations of nursing, to develop nurses who can contribute to society in many places whether inside or outside Japan, and to support nurses' career structure.
  3. In our department, after completion of the master's degree, as a curriculum put together from courses designed for obtaining qualifications for certification as a Certified Nurse Specialist, approved courses in the following six nursing fields are offered: chronic pain, oncology, infectious disease, pediatrics, geriatrics and mental health. Furthermore, we have launched a course to pass the examination to become qualified as a Certified Nurse Administrator.

Our department is open not only to our new graduates, but also to other nurses in general. We recommend our department for people who aim to become future teachers, to become researchers in nursing, to advance their nursing competency, or to take examinations to become a Certified Nurse Specialist. We expect that our department will be active in promoting students seeking lifelong learning and self-development.

Jun Ueki , Dean of Juntendo University School of Health Care and Nursing
Hideoki Ogawa, President of Juntendo University