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OGAWA Hideoki DAIDA Hiroyuki

Background of Juntendo, a medical center with an atmosphere of warmth and compassion.

The distinguished history of Juntendo started in 1838 with the founding of a private medical school called Wadajuku by Dr.SATO Taizen. Next year, Juntendo will proudly celebrate its history as Japan's oldest school of Western medicine.

Past leaders of Juntendo, from the end of Edo period up to early Meiji period, were committed to first and foremost, the delivery of safe and compassionate medical care of highest standards, secondly, incorporation of the latest medical science and medical practices, and thirdly, education and training of future talents in healthcare.

Junten means to follow the way of Heaven. The expression is seen in antiquarian books of China and is often quoted in I Ching. Following the way of Heaven is the most important principle, not only for physicians but for humankind as well. This philosophy is also in accordance with the teachings of Hippocrates.

Juntendo's mission lies in the spirit of gJINh. The emblem, also used on Juntendo University Medical Center's medication bags, is Juntendo's logo today. The ideal of medicine comes down to the spirit of Jin which means, gI exist as you exist with a heart that is considerate and cherishes others.h It is often said that only through one's devotion to people and the world can one live and others prosper. This tradition and belief have been carried on through the ages to this day.

The entire staff at Juntendo will continue to strive to deliver safe, compassionate and cutting-edge medical care of the highest standard to our patients.

OGAWA Hideoki,MD.,Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of Directors, Juntendo University
DAIDA Hiroyuki,MD.,Ph.D., Director, Juntendo University Hospital,Tokyo
April, 2014
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