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Department of Gastroenterology
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Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine
Department of Gastroenterology
Hongo 2-1-1, Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 113-8421,Japan
Telephone : 81-3-3813-3111
Fax : 81-3-3813-8862

 The history of the Department
The Department of Gastroenterology was established in 1968 by reorganizing the 1st and 2nd Departments of Internal Medicine. Dr. Hikoo Shirakabe was the founder professor; he was the pioneer of the double contrast radiography. The second professor was Dr. Toshihiko Namihisa, the leading hepatologist of the time, and the third was Dr. Nobuhiro Sato, a famous clinician and researcher. Since September 2006, Professor Sumio Watanabe has presided over the department, and our department has been further expanding and developing. The university has carried out numerous reforms in the education of medical school and innovations in post graduate course such as increasing the capacity of numbers of students till now. Our department is also increasing in numbers of the staffs and is the largest in the university.
The Department of Gastroenterology is the world leading institution in the field of basic and clinical research of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, liver, gall bladder, pancreas.
 Aim and goal of the department
Having the knowledge of internal medicine in general, staffs are trained as specialists in the field of gastroenterology. The post graduate students are not only expected to acquire basic techniques in clinics but to deeply research about the mechanisms of gastroenterological disorders and contribute to medicine.
The department is highly approved worldwide as is shown at the international meetings and journals. Not only that we have many staffs that had graduated other medical schools but we also have been accepting many students from abroad.
We also have many students studying abroad.
| Introduction | Staff | Research | Education | Publication | Japanese | Index
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