Juntendo University, Tokyo, established in 1838.

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Department of Infection Control Science (ICS)

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The education is comprehensive from basic science to practical training. The admission is not limited to medical doctors, but also nurses, pharmacists, clinical laboratory technicians, and even architects who learns safe hospital designing. The course is flexible depending on the students' back ground. Two year master course and four year ph.D. course are available.

All students are required to study basic science. The research field can be chosen from; bacteriology, parasitology, biochemistry, immunology, and pathology.

Course details

  1. Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance
    - Mechanism of the antibiotic resistance
    - Monitoring of the antibiotic resistance
    - Guidelines for the antibiotic resistance and its inspection
    - Antibiotic resistance update
  2. surveillance and epidemiology
    - Surveillance standard
    - Typing method
    - Field serveillance
    - Molecular typing
  3. Sterilization
    - Medical equipment
    - Skin and mucous membrane
  4. Hospital hygines
    - Ventilation
    - Environment sampling and evaluation
    - Environment cleaning
    - Infectious insects and animals and their extermination
    - laundry
    - General wastes and infectious wastes
  5. Others
    - Clinical trials, Investigation and Observation
    - Hospital management, cost for ICS
    - Infections at ICU
    - Vaccination and co-medical infections

Students work as a member of Infection Control Team at Juntendo University Hospital and learn the practical training. Students attend the infection control consultation to learn the diagnosis, treatment planning, and chose of antibiotics. Students are expected to submit several reflective portfolios.

Studying the technique of identification and colony isolation of infectious strains at hospital clinical laboratory is also including in this component.

Those who decide to continue basic science research are not required to go on the practical training component. Those students may design their own hospital training course for the short period.

 Introduction   Research   Education
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