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Changes in Journal Names

History of Juntendo Medical Journal

This Juntendo Medical Journal has been published under the Japanese name Juntendo Igaku (順天堂医学) from 1964 to 2012. However, the origin of Juntendo Medical Journal dates back to the oldest medical journal in Japan, Juntendo Iji Zasshi (順天堂醫事雑誌), which had been published between 1875 and 1877 (total of 8 issues). Between 1885 and 1886, Juntendo issued a limited release of a research journal titled Houkoku [Juntendo Iji Kenkyukai](報告) for a total of 39 issues.
In 1887, Juntendo Iji Kenkyukai Houkoku (順天堂醫事研究會報告) was published with the governmentʼs approval and we used to regard this as the first issue of Juntendo Medical Journal. Since then, Juntendo Medical Journal has undergone a series of name changes: Juntendo Iji Kenkyukai Zasshi (順天堂醫事研究会雑誌), Juntendo Igaku Zasshi (順天堂医学雑誌), and Juntendo Igaku (順天堂医学).
Now in commemoration of the 175th anniversary of Juntendo University, starting with the first volume issued in 2013 (Volume 59 Number 1), we return to Juntendo Medical Journalʼs original Japanese title in 1875-Juntendo Iji Zasshi (順天堂醫事雑誌). We also reconsidered the numbering of the journal and set the first issue in 1875 as the initial publication of Juntendo Medical Journal. The Volume-Number counting system and the English name Juntendo Medical Journal started in 1955 from the January 10 issue. Although this is not our intension, we will retain the Volume-Number counting system to avoid confusion. However, Volume 59 Number 1 will be the 882nd issue, reflecting the sum of all issues to date: 8 issues of Juntendo Iji Zasshi (順天堂醫事雑誌), 39 issues of Houkoku [Juntendo Iji Kenkyukai](報告)(47 issues combined), and 834 issues from Juntendo Iji Kenkyukai Houkoku (順天堂醫事研究會報告) in 1887 to the present.
小川秀興(OGAWAHideoki, M.D., Ph.D.):
順天堂醫事雑誌(Juntendo Medical Journal)2013;59:6-10.