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2022.10.26 (WED)

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中国国家留学基金管理委員会 -順天堂大学奨学金プログラムCSC-JUNTENDO Scholarship Program

For Chinese students and researchers who wish to study at Juntendo University with the 2023 Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program Scholarship

順天堂大学では、中国国家留学基金管理委員会(CSC)が実施する「国家建設高水準大学公派研究生項目」に基づくCSC-Juntendo Scholarship Programにより、以下の3プログラムを実施します。
Juntendo University will offer the following 3 programs based on the Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program conducted by the China Scholarships Council (CSC).

Ⅰ 博士課程プログラム Doctoral Program
A program to obtain a doctoral degree at Juntendo University

Ⅱ 共同指導教育プログラム Joint Instruction Program
A program for students enrolled in doctoral programs at Chinese universities to conduct research under joint instruction at Juntendo University in a research field closely related to the doctoral thesis research at their home universities.

Ⅲ 共同研究プログラム Joint Research Program
A program in which researchers from Chinese universities conduct joint research at Juntendo University

The process for applying to the programs starting in October 2023 is as follows.

詳しくは申請要項をご覧ください。For more details, please see the Application Guidelines.
申請要項 申請要項(中文)

申請書類ダウンロード Application Documents
Download the application documents from the following links.
Refer to the application guidelines for other application documents.

Ⅰ 博士課程プログラム Doctoral Program
2023年申請書 Application Form(博士課程プログラム Doctoral Program)
Prospective Student Inquiry Form and Questionnaire

Ⅱ 共同指導教育プログラム Joint Instruction Program
2023年申請書 Application Form(共同指導教育プログラム Joint Instruction Program)

Ⅲ 共同研究プログラム Joint Research Program
2023年申請書 Application Form(共同研究プログラム Joint Research Program)

申請書類の提出期間 Application Documents Submission Deadline
November 7 to December 9, 2022
順天堂大学 国際交流センター(JUIC)
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