Guide to Membership

Guide to Membership

The Juntendo Medical Society

1.Membership Categories and Qualifications for Membership

  • Regular member
    Faculty members, students, alumni, research students of Juntendo University Undergraduate/Graduate School and clinical residents of Juntendo Hospitals
  • Honorary member
    Honorary professors of Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine
    Members authorized by the Juntendo Medical Society Board of Trustees
  • Group member
    Hospitals, university libraries, medical association, etc.

2.Annual Membership Fee

Regular member : 5,000 Japanese yen/year
 (Fiscal year starts in April and ends in March the following year.)

3.Juntendo Medical Journal

Juntendo Medical Journal is the official journal of the Juntendo Medical Society.
All the web pages from the first issue of 1875 to the latest issue are published on J-STAGE.
The current issue in digital book is also available.

Member Benefits

4.Application for Membership

① Please fill in the Membership Application Form and send it.
② Once we have confirmed your application form, Japan Post Bank payment handling slip would be sent to you. Please send the annual fee ¥5,000 with it, and the bank transfer fee is paid by us. This is also available for use in the accounting section, Juntendo University.


After membership registration, we would appreciate it if you could inform us of any changes of your postal address.

Membership Application Form

The Juntendo Medical Society
2-1-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8421 JAPAN