Juntendo University, Tokyo, established in 1838.

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Laboratory of Molecular and Biochemical Research


For details, please go to the "Introduction" of the Juntendo portal site.

The purpose of our laboratory (Kyodo-ken) is to assist scientific researchers in Juntendo University in their biochemical and molecular biological studies. Kyodo-ken also helps those who want to start their career as a researcher. For these reasons, Kyodo-ken consists of two facilities; training facility and research facility.

Training Facility:

Users can learn basic techniques that are required for biochemical and molecular biological studies, including gene manipulation, RT-PCR, and DNA sequencing.

Research Facility:

In addition to general experimental room, we have 3 special experimental rooms (P1A level room, cell culture room, and P2 level cell culture room). Users can use laboratory benches, and experimental instruments, equipment and apparatus, such as DNA sequencer and real-time PCR system.

How to Use the Facility

Qualification of Users: Users must be students, researchers, and technicians who belong to Juntendo University.
Registration; Users must register before use. Registration must be renewed annually.
Reservation; Most of equipment, including analytical instruments and laboratory benches, needs reservation.
Instruction; Before use of any instruments, users must learn how to use from staff members.

For details, please feel free to ask staff members.

Staff Members

Hiroshi KOIDE (Room 5S31) e-mail: h-koide(at)juntendo.ac.jp
Hiroshi Koide
Tomomi IKEDA (Room 5S31)
Takako IKEGAMI (Room 5S31)
Emma NIBA (Room 5S31) e-mail: niba(at)juntendo.ac.jp
Mutsuko HARA (Atopy Research Center)

Contact Us

2-1-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8421, Japan
5th Floor (5S31), Building 7.
e-mail: kyodoken@juntendo.ac.jp