Juntendo University, Tokyo, established in 1838.

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Laboratory of Molecular and Biochemical Research


Laboratory Map

Location:Building A, 5th Floor

Training Area

Here, you can learn the following techniques from our staff.
  • RNA preparation
  • Reverse transcription reaction
  • Conventional PCR
  • Real-time PCR
  • Microarray
  • DNA sequencing
  • Cell culture
  • Biosafety training (How to use P2 level facility)
  • Cytotoxicity measurement
  • Microelectrode array (MEA)
  • Ca2+ imaging
  • Other basic techniques for gene manipulation

P2 level cell culture room(#5S05)

Here, you can perform experiments using viruses, including adenovirus and retrovirus.

Instruments available
  • Safety Cabinet(2) (MHE-130AJ, Panasonic/NSE-1200ⅡB2, Dalton)
  • CO2 Incubator (Model F370, Thermo / 9200E, 9300E, Waken)
  • Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge (Himac CF7D2, Hitachi)
  • High Speed Refrigerated Microcentrifuge (Himac CT13R, Hitachi)
  • Fluorescent microscope (BZ-9000, Keyence)
  • Microscope (TS-100, Nikon)
  • Autoclave (SX-500, Tomy)
  • Deep Freezer (-80℃) (MDE-U32V, Panasonic)

Cell culture room (#5S11)

Here, you can culture primary cells and established cell lines.

Instruments available
  • Clean benches (3) (Panasonic, JUJIFIELD, Showa kagaku)
  • Safety Cabinet(2) (1345, Thermo /MHE-S901A2-PJ, Panasonic)
  • CO2 Incubators (11) ( Model F370, Thermo / 9100Ex,9200Ex,Waken)
  • Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge (Himac CF7D2, Hitachi)
  • Fluorescent microscope (BZ-X800, Keyence)
  • Microscopes (2) (Axiovert40, Primovert, Zeiss)
  • Electroporator (3) (Nucleofactor II, Lonza / Neon, Thermo / NEPA Porator System 2, NEPAGENE)
  • Microelectrode array system (MEA 2100-Systems, Bio Research Center)

General BSL2 level experiment room(#5S)

Here, you can perform biochemical and molecular biological experiments.

Instruments available
  • Safety Cabinet (AC2-3N7,ESCO)
  • Microplate reader (SpectraMax 340PC384, Molecular Devices)
  • Luminometer (2) (Lumat LB9507, Berthold for single test tube / SpectraMaxL, Molecular Device for 96-well plate)
  • Thermal cycler (PCR apparatus) (2) (T-100, Bio Rad)
  • Fluorescent microscope (2) (BZ-X700, Keyence)
  • Trans Illuminator (Printgraph 2M, ATTO)
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (NanoDrop, Thermo)
  • Automated electrophoresis system (Experion)

P1A level room(#5S39)

English Here, you can sacrifice animals, such as mice and rats.

Equipment room (#5S33)

Here, you can use the following analysis instruments.
  • Real-time PCR system (4) (7500 Fast Real time PCR systems, QuantStudio 3, Thermo)
  • DNA sequencer(2) (3500/3730 Genetic Analyzer, Thermo)
  • MicroArray system (GeneChip system, Thermo)

Main Instruments Click here to view all instruments

Real-time PCR system DNA sequencer マイクロアレイ解析装置
Real-time PCR system
(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
QuantStudio 3 Real-time PCR System, 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System
DNA sequencer
(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
3500 Genetic Analyzer, 3730 Genetic Analyzer
(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
GeneChip system
Automated electrophoresis system Microplate Reader Luminometer
Automated electrophoresis system
(Bio Rad)
Microplate Reader
(Molecular Devices)
SpectraMax 340 PC384
(Molecular Devices)
SpectraMax L
Microelectrode array system Fluorescent microscope Electroporator
Microelectrode array system
(Bio Research Center)
MEA 2100-Systems
Ca2+ imaging system (Hamamatsu Photonics)
AquaCosmos imaging system
Fluorescent microscope
NEPA Porator System2
(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Neon Transfection System
Nucleofector Ⅱ Device